How To Choose A Good Distance Learning Course for JEE

The number of students choosing to prepare for the IIT JEE remotely, from the comfort of their home, has increased significantly. The right distance-learning program can supplement self-directed study by the student and give them the support they need to compete on an all-India level. Now, it can be confusing to choose the right program which is why we have created a quick checklist to keep in mind while selecting the right coaching program for the JEE.

Quality of Study Material and Exercises Without a doubt, the right course should give you access to high quality, conceptually sound theoretical study material with lots of examples and illustrations. Do some research and take a look at the credentials of the core-faculty running the institute and read reviews by alumni to assess if the study material offered will help you build a solid foundation because JEE is not an exam where you can get by with half-baked knowledge. Check if the course material is updated to reflect the most recent changes to the JEE exam pattern. A good course must also include enough problems so you can test your grasp of concepts with graded assignments and advanced JEE level problems with detailed solutions worked out step-by-step, so you can learn by doing.

Structure of Course Does the course you are considering offer one-on-one doubt clearing sessions, so your specific concerns can be addressed regularly? Do they offer a variety of methods to learn, so the entire process of preparing engages you? For example, some institutes mail you printed material and tests in a phased manner, some include occasional in-class programs as support, others live-stream classes and newer courses offer topic-wise video lectures that you can access on-demand.

Spend some time considering your specific needs and look at how the course is structured before you sign up. For instance, i30 offers 500+ hours of video lectures, 150+ assessments and quizzes, one-on-one doubt clarification sessions and includes a JEE preparation planner so you can pace yourself. i30 is designed with student flexibility and anytime, anywhere access in mind.

Duration of Course Some students drop an entire year just so they can prepare for the JEE, some start preparing while they are in the 9th Standard, while others enroll when they are in the 11th or the 12th Std. Choose a course that supports you according to where you are in your journey. For instance, i30 has courses designed specifically for those who have taken a year off to prepare and one and two-year long curricula for others.

Practical Assessment Remember that all your preparation is directed at a very specific goal, to rank well on the JEE in 2019 or 2020. It is very important to regularly assess your performance via practice tests at the end of every chapter and take weekly, fortnightly or monthly assessment tests. You should also sit for mock-tests that simulate the JEE experience closely so you can learn to solve problems with speed and efficiency.

Post-testing, you must reach out to an expert who will analyze your performance so you can learn from your mistakes and identify gaps in your knowledge early on. Choose a program with a strong, inbuilt testing and evaluation component. Some institutes conduct all-India tests to help you benchmark and predict your performance potential, others offer detailed personalized feedback and analysis sessions.

Cost Of Instruction Look at the pricing structure of the course you are planning to enroll for and see if you want to purchase individual models or the entire bundle for comprehensive learning. Some providers let you buy only mock tests or revision-only primers, others offer you a chance to earn a scholarship depending on your performance on an entrance exam. Digital programs like i30 are usually a fraction of the cost of a traditional in-class program. We offer you the luxury of personalized attention and learning at your own pace in interesting ways while saving on the time taken to travel to a classroom and back.


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