IIT JEE : Best Techniques to prepare for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

JEE is an annual entrance examination held in India. It is one of the toughest examinations for engineering aspirants to crack in the world. Close to 10 lakh people registered in 2018 according to CBSE data, out of which approximately 2 lakh people are shortlisted for the Advanced examination. JEE contributes to 45% of class XI and 55% of class XII syllabus respectively. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are the subjects covered. Although this seems overwhelming, the right kind of study technique can ensure smooth sailing.


Students usually consider physics as one of hardest subjects while studying for JEE. But, if the problem is comprehended, analysed and solved in a systematic way, it can become one of the most scoring subjects in IIT JEE. Mathematics is required to solve problems in classical physics which is much more complex than the type of mathematics learnt by students till class X. If the mathematics used to solve classical physics is mastered, then rest of the subject is a breeze. Therefore, it is recommended to solve problems in physics in a systematic manner in the beginning to get a grip of the math involved in it.

Pro tip: Start physics with the basic understanding of Vectors, Derivatives and Integration.


Conceptual clarity, application skills and awareness to the prescribed syllabus should be the main focus. Practicing problems everyday is a technique used to improve speed. Special attention has to be paid to the topics like Mole concept, Chemical Equilibrium and Electrochemistry. Organic chemistry needs a lot of practice and ample time must be devoted to concepts like Stereochemistry, GOC (General Organic Chemistry) and Functional Group Analysis. In Inorganic chemistry, most of the questions which are asked are really conceptual, concerned with structures, processes and applications. Special attention is a must to the topics like Chemical Bonding and Coordination Chemistry and do not neglect these till the last moment.


This is the trickiest subject. Only reading through theories and formulas will not help you. In order to truly master this subject, you need to improve your computational ability. Always practice math on a piece of paper and a pen. In mathematics, more than 50% of the knowledge comes from the tips/ tricks involved in solving a particular problem. If not practiced, these skills become hard to master. In order to use your time effectively, read through the concept and the formulas. With a clear understanding, proceed to problems in the order of their difficulty levels. Don’t panic if you can not solve problems right away and at the same time do not give up. A little resilience coupled with hard work will take you a long way.

Pro tip: Functions, Derivatives & Application of Derivatives, Integral Calculus, Trigonometry- these are the core topics of Math and almost every other problem is framed with these basics.

To obtain a decent score in JEE, it is required to perform equally well in all the three subjects. This is only possible with practice and a clear understanding of the subject. Clear understanding comes naturally when there are no doubts. If doubts persists or if you feel like you are lagging behind, there is nothing wrong with seeking a little help. There are online courses and offline courses available to help with your exam struggles. i30 is an effective IIT JEE online training program which is carefully curated with video lectures, online doubts clearing sessions and mock tests to keep you JEE ready.


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