Life after excelling in IIT JEE

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

IIT JEE is one of the most competitive entrance exams in the country. Every engineering aspirant dreams of securing admission in the IITs. Lakhs of students enrol every year and only thousands of them make it into IITs.Most of them do not have an exact idea of what’s in store for them. They consider IITs only as a ticket to success.

The life of candidates after clearing the IIT JEE exam does not get easier, instead, they get surrounded by numerous questions. Here are a few things you can expect from IITs.

  • IIT – A fast-paced life

So, you have cracked IIT and are very excited about the journey. But, when you get there, you realize the truckload of study material piled on you. You are expected to learn all these in just four months. This syllabus will be much more than the two-year preparation a student does for JEE. Although this may feel impossible in the beginning, you will adapt to this fast-paced life eventually and before you realise, you will be doing the same for every semester.

  • First year- the golden year?

After a stressful time, it is pretty normal to relax, but too much of a good thing can be bad. Most of the students fail in the first year of their course. Faculty blames the lack of seriousness in students for this. People spend too much time exploring the place and having fun that they lose sight of the goal. This results in poor academic performance at the beginning of college life.

  • Deadlines, deadlines and deadlines

Life in IIT is defined by deadlines. Projects, presentations, assignments become a regular practice. You are expected to submit all your work within the stipulated deadlines. A very strict policy is followed and failing to meet these deadlines comes at a price. Although these deadlines might seem impossible to meet, you will begin to miss all the craziness and the last minute preparations at the end of semesters.

  • It’s not just a place for academics

People in IIT miss out on the complete college experience because they are career-centric. They do not focus on a healthy balance but instead only focus on academics to land in a good job. IITs give a great exposure to various extracurricular activities. With a lot of activities, students are given a choice to choose from a lot of clubs, sports, etc.

  • The hostel life

Hostel life is bittersweet and unforgettable. It is the place where the most memories are made for a student. The time for late night conversations, the bathroom singing, rooftop study sessions and much more. You will be exposed to people from various backgrounds, cultures, etc. that add to the experience. Also, you are not allowed to change hostels in IIT. Therefore, the room you are given at the beginning becomes your home for the next four years and there is a certain emotion attached to it that makes leaving that much more difficult.

JEE might be a tough examination to crack but not impossible. The right kind of attitude and dedication is one of the most important factors. A well-strategized approach can streamline your preparation. i30 is an effective IIT JEE online training program which is carefully curated with video lectures, online doubts clearing sessions and mock tests to keep you JEE ready.

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