What are the Best Techniques for Self-Studying for IIT JEE?

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Wanting to clear the JEE is an ambitious but achievable goal. If you are preparing for the next edition of the exam in 2019 or 2020,Sindhwal classes is one of the best coaching institute for iit-jee, you will need to train your mind to focus and motivate yourself. High-quality online lectures, videos and other study aids like the ones Sindhwal classes offer, are essential to help you improve your performance. However, you still have to be prepared to put in the work and spend many hours studying independently. So what are the best methods to self-study for the JEE?

Find Your Reason to Succeed

Well, before you begin taking notes, solving problems and attempting mock tests, ask yourself why the JEE is important to you? Having a personally meaningful goal is very important as you embark on this journey. Perhaps you wish to clear the JEE because you want to study at one of the world’s best institutes, maybe you see yourself running your own tech empire in India or another corner of the globe whatever be your reasons, visualize it, write it down and pin it up on a wall where you can see it and be reminded of it months down the line, when you are feeling stressed or insecure.

Focus on the Fundamentals.

If you are lucky enough to start preparation early, make sure that your conceptual foundations for physics, chemistry and mathematics are strong. Consult NCERT books and understand the why behind topics like mechanics, trigonometry and inorganic chemistry before you go on to the how. The JEE is unlike other exams where you can get away by reverse-engineering your answers or eliminating unlikely options, so a thorough understanding of theory and principles is essential to problem-solving.

Study to Suit the Syllabus

Don’t get carried away by recommendations from a classmate who is trying to show off and buy every single book there is. Consult a faculty member you trust or reach out to us before you purchase a book, because too many approaches can confuse you and make you feel like you aren’t making any progress. Make sure that you understand the format of the JEE exam, look at past year question papers, attempt mock tests and know exactly what the syllabus requirements are before attempting tough problems. For e.g., we recommend that you stick to NCERT books and consult Concepts of Physics .

Use Online Classes to Stay Motivated

Recorded lectures give you the flexibility to pause a lesson midway, take notes or go back to a section you did not understand. Videos breathe life into tough-to-visualize concepts with animated diagrams and audio lessons may be preferable to reading page after page, in your room, late in the night. Understand your learning style and find what works for you. Once you identify your weaknesses and strengths, use smartly designed material from sindhwal classes India's best coaching institute for IIT-JEE to support your self-study so you can continue to make steady progress. Use tests and revision exercises to monitor your performance and improve, month on month.

Find a Support Group

Identify your cheerleaders. While family members play a big role in helping you feel less nervous and more confident, you will need to create a support network of equally motivated students who share your goals. Find friends who are also preparing for competitive exams like NEET or the JEE. Get together with them, perhaps once a week, to discuss progress, clarify doubts or just to share things that are bothering you. Having a community of friends is very important so you don’t feel socially isolated. Also, you may want to stay away from those who guilt trip you for prioritizing academics over all else, during this phase. Because being driven and keeping your eyes on the prize is crucial if you want to ace the JEE.

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